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Featured in the New York Times, November 9, 2008

Article Introduction: “Bernard V. Drury is a rarity on Wall Street: a hedge fund manager who is making money rather than losing it. While most hedge funds are sinking into red this year and unsettling the markets in the process, a handful of them are posting spectacular gains…”

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Featured on Reuters, November 5, 2008

Article Introduction: “Artificial intelligence is helping trend-following commodity hedge funds triumph in treacherous markets when human brains alone aren’t enough. With industry data showing the average hedge fund down 20 percent or more this year due to strategies messed up by plunging commodity and stock prices, some in the game called Commodity Trading Advisors are up 50 percent or more. But the trend-following CTAs say it isn’t all their work: credit should also go to their computerized trading systems…”

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Featured in the Wall Street Journal, November 5, 2008

Article Introduction: “Chasing the latest market fad isn’t all bad. Some investment funds that jump on trends are outperforming traders who pride themselves on outthinking the market. Increased volatility in markets from commodities to stocks is helping the trend followers profit…”

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